L’Orange Drops Last Minute Last Teaser For New Album

With new project The Life And Death Of Scenery due to be released in full tomorrow, L’Orange has released one last reminder to listeners to make sure they’re picking up a copy. “Antique Gold” features album collaborator Mr. Lif and Floridian Chester Watson, two artists who L’Orange has described as some of his “favorites.”

L’Orange provides the two with a steady instrumental, allowing them to spit in the metaphorical and anecdotal style that has come to be associated with L’Orange’s work. Watson and Lif trade bars, rapping about the symbolic power of gold as a yardstick for success. Materialism seems to be coming under heavy fire in The Life And Death Of Scenery, as suggested by project’s name, as well as some of the previously shared pieces, “Strange Technology” and “A Palace In The Sky.” The Chester Watson collaboration is one that I, personally, have been craving for a while now, and did not disappoint. Watson, Lif, and L’Orange are effortless as always in “Antique Gold,” melding social critique with clever wordplay and catchy rifs. It’s hard not to get excited about the prospect of future link-ups between the three.

The Life And Death Of Scenery is partially available to stream on adultswim here, and is set to drop on Friday. More on the full album tomorrow, but for now, stream “Antique Gold” on soundcloud below.