Nicolas Jaar Returns With ‘Sirens’

Last Friday, the Chilean experimental music producer extraordinaire released his second album. Sirens is six songs and 41 minutes long and comments on Chile’s politics through his musical language. Nicolas Jaar presents how the political is personal, and even if you can’t understand the references in each track, his production is phenomenal and takes you away from your surroundings. Sirens is the perfect treat after Jaar’s Nymphs and past work with Dave Harrington as Darkside.

Known for dwelling in the crescendos, Jaar starts off the album with “Killing Time” which includes a myriad of breaking glass layered with piano keys that sound transcendent because of  Jaar’s layering. “The Governor” builds with those familiar bass vocals and “Leaves” brings you back to an eerie peace that seamlessly leads to “No,” an experimental cover of “Lagrimas” by Sergio Cuevas. “Three Sides of Nazareth” builds on a driving beat that ends in a melancholy “History Lesson.” There are so many intricacies in Sirens that need to be heard rather than read about, so stream the album below.

And don’t miss his live set. Catching Darkside two years ago was life-changing and Nicolas Jaar’s performance will be intimate.

nicolas jaar tour.jpg