Banks Releases ‘The Altar’

Banks, a beautifully talented vocalist reigning from L.A., released her second album, The Altar, today. Banks is known for her distorted mood singing that is embellished by dark production and occasionally, acoustic instruments. The Altar has varying producers for each track including SOHN, DJ Dahi, and Tim Anderson. While her sound has not changed from her Goddess debut, Banks’ second album is more vulnerable and confrontational.

Throughout the 13 songs, Banks shares different vocal styles. On “Trainwreck,” she has fun with a trap beat, while on “Mother Earth,” she slows it down with an acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies. “Gemini Feed” starts off the album with a pop sound and lyrics that confirm her strength against a controlling lover, while “Haunt” moves to the accompaniment of congos and percussive beats. Stream the album below and listen to how Banks’ personal development influenced an album on self-love for your best and worst self.