Waldo Steps It Up With His Latest Project, ‘Be Ever Wonderful’

It’s been a while since Waldo‘s last major project, but the Soulection man has returned with some serious heat. The amount of work that went into Be Ever Wonderful is evident; the thirteen-song LP is polished from top to bottom, showing off his skillset over crazy futuristic beats.

Be Ever Wonderful is Waldo back at the top of his game. He spits tirelessly, moving from bar to bar seemingly without taking a breath. Songs like “Something U Forgot,” “Better Late Than Never,” and “Been A Long Time” grab the listener’s attention, serving as a literal reminder of what he brings to the table. “Inner Killer” and “’97 Ford Expedition” are reminiscent of his previous projects NSDE/OUTSDE and Pick Your Own Poison, the latter of which catapulted Waldo into relevance.

Waldo took to Twitter after the release of his album to thank producers and collaborators The SEVENthSángo, Joose the Conqueror, and many more. Waldo maintains a close relationship with the Soulection team, who have previously lavished him with plaudits:

“Of course we took [Sángo’s] word, but how many great upcoming MC’s do you really know? It wasn’t until Sángo sent us ‘Poison’ and ‘Scars’ that we realized there was someone and something much more than just another MC, another artist, and another release. We knew Waldo was special and that we had to connect our platform to his mind.”

Waldo steps his game up with Be Ever Wonderful. He oscillates between hard hitting lyrics, humility, and self-confidence. His focus, however, is on moving forward. “Better Late Than Never” questions the listeners “are we there yet?”. “’97 Ford Expedition,” a standout track on the album, looks back at his impressive discography and the plaudits it has received, saying “this another great record, they should put me in Guinness, book of world records I need more recognition.”

The name of the game for Waldo is evolution; Be Ever Wonderful is the next stepping stone on his path forward. Waldo leaves listeners wondering what he has planned for us next, but not without our making sure our ears are ringing with his refrain: “I want to evolve.” Stream the LP in its entirety on SoundCloud below and download it for free via Bandcamp here.