Bounce With Jimi Tents On “400”

New York’s Jimi Tents released his addition to the #slprcampsunday series late last night, a program that will see him, Jay Bel, and Sed release new music over the next coming two Sundays. Titled “400,” Tents sets the bar high for Bel and Sed. His entry is only the second single we have heard from the Brookylnite since he broke out with his debut project 5 O’Clock Shadow, which put on display his ability to blend catchy lyrics and energetic delivery with powerful social statements.

Tents spits over a predictably stellar instrumental from MARZBOYGENIUS with a staggered, stop-and-start style. His growled delivery bounces with the track, making a song that is impossible to not nod your head to. As his energy levels start to pick up, he starts spitting for real, rapping “prayin’ that we fuckin’ make it, up in culture, business class, both these shits is fuckin’ slave ships.” The rest of the song continues in the same vein. Tents unleashes a scalding commentary on race and racism, leaning on the song’s titular refrain of “400 years, 400 tears.”

At just a mere 20 years of age, Tents is proving himself a force to be reckoned with. He raps with a level of maturity and poise that surpasses many of his contemporaries, and is, without a doubt, one to watch. Stream “400” on Soundcloud below and keep an eye out for subsequent #slprcampsunday releases.