As part of Soulection‘s forefront, SOSUPERSAM regularly performs in Los Angeles and around the world with her considerable skills as a DJ. The multitalented artist has been expanding her interests considerably in both music and fashion, adding an ever growing list of titles under her name.

SOSUPERSAM just dropped her GARDEN EP, six songs of bliss featuring an experimentation of both vocal range and production. She dives into her strengths while exploring different themes in love and emotion. While tracks such as the previously released single “So” featuring P-Lo and produced by powerhouse Esta deliver a more upbeat rhythm with mellow synths and catchy snares, tracks such as “The End” features a simple supplement of soft piano chords. Although seeming different stylistically, the collection is unified by Sam’s ambient voice expanding and contracting, wrapping together the entire project into a garden itself, where one see’s Sam carefully curating her vocal talents on display to steadily reach new heights.

Keep a careful eye on SOSUPERSAM, as one can never tell which direction she’ll head in next. Check out GARDEN below