Daye Jack Releases ‘Surf the Web’

Daye Jack, a multi-talented rapper from Gwinnet County, GA, dropped Surf the Web today. At the age of 20, Daye Jack has signed with Warner Bros. Records, collaborated with Killer Mike and Tori Kelly, and opened for Pell‘s national tour. On top of that, he studies computer science at NYU. Daye’s impressed the music scene with his unique sound, and his latest EP lives up to all that he’s already accomplished.

Surf the Web is seven tracks and 23 minutes long. Daye starts it off with echo-ey production on the title track, takes you through his work ethic to the rhythm of an electric guitar on “Raw,” and ends on an upbeat groove with “Deep End.” The EP has funky beats and catchy vocals that enhance the knowledge he drops in his rhymes.

Stream Surf the Web below and check his upcoming tour dates on his website here.