L’Orange Releases More ‘The Life And Death Of Scenery’ Content

L’Orange and Mr. Lif have returned with another preview of their upcoming project, The Life And Death Of Scenery. While L’Orange’s “Strange Technology” gave listeners a taste of the expected features on the collaborative album, “A Palace In The Sky” showcases Mr. Lif’s lyrical ability. Much like his last few albums, L’Orange’s latest project looks to be in the narrative style. Lif raps about a corrupt king’s downfall in his uniquely entrancing and eloquent style.

“A Palace In The Sky ” features on The Life And Death Of Scenery as the last overall track and seems to divulge the thematic strains of the album. In an interview with Mass AppealL’Orange hinted at what can be expected from him and Lif:

“The album revolves around a system of society based on prohibiting art and culture and this track is the end of that reign. I view this song as a metaphorical ending to the society and I love the irony of his downfall being so romanticized and beautiful. It solidifies the point of the album.”

Both “Strange Technology” and “A Palace In The Sky” are very impressive tracks. If the rest of The Life And Death Of Scenery is as high quality as what we have heard, L’Orange and Lif seem will have created a meaningful and powerful album. Stream “A Palace In The Sky” below, and pre-order your copy of the album, set to drop in October, here.