IshDARR Refreshes With ESTA. On “Mucho Mango”

If you haven’t heard of IshDARR yet, pay attention.

While the 20-year-old rapper hailing from Milwaukee first started turning major heads with “Too Bad,” IshDARR proves he’s hungry for more with his new single, “Mucho Mango.” Celebrating 10k Twitter followers and recruiting Soulection core member ESTA., the two join forces to form a smooth and bouncy track. The two traits intertwine seamlessly, thanks to ESTA.’s production and IshDARR’s melodic voice and unique flow, inducing the listener to keep their head nodding along with the very technically impressive constant stream of rhymes. The whole song rounds itself out with a sample of the infamous chorus of Lil’ Troy‘s classic, “Wanna Be A Baller.”

If IshDARR wants to be a baller shot caller, he’s well on his way there. Peep “Mucho Mango” below.