Lege Kale Flips Aminé’s Summer Anthem, “Caroline”

Although “Caroline” has been around for half a year now, it wasn’t until Aminé shared its high-octane visuals that the summer single became an undeniable success. Filled with clever wordplay and heaps of energy, the Portland-based emcee has led his team of banana enthusiasts around the States, including a few shows with Savemoney general, Joey Purp.

Lege Kale, the beatsmith behind Khary’s “Find Me,” recently gave “Caroline” his own twist. Lege’s latest remix follows his collab with The Kount and Olukara, standing as another showcase of his prowess on the boards. Topped off with additional production from his younger brother Ordnry Yngster, Lege strings together a funky bass-line with a barrage of percussion and synths to give the track his signature groove.

Lege also shared a few words about the track via email:

“When I first heard Aminé’s song and saw his video, I loved the infectiousness and energy. When it came time to do the remix, me and my younger brother Ordnry Yngstr wanted to create a track that was just as infectious and energetic, yet stood out on its own and had that unique factor and flavor. I think the final product really represents that in all aspects.”

Stream and download the remix below, and keep up with Lege on SoundCloud and Twitter.


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