Joni Payne Releases ‘More To Do’ EP With Accompanying Short Film

Ms. Joni Payne gives us a double dip of stimulation with her latest EP More To Do and releases a short film of the same title, featuring a couple of her newest tracks.

The production for the EP was handled entirely by seasoned producer pretty please, co-written by both Joni and pretty please, while the short film was directed by Brendan Calder and Tom MacVicar.

More To Do represents Joni’s growth brought on by the end of a romantic relationship, from wallowing in self-pity to realizing she needs to move on as there is “more to do.” The sounds on the EP show a continuation of her refined style that falls somewhere between classic soul and contemporary R&B, resting in a pleasant matrimony to the stylings of pretty please.

The short film exists as an excerpt of the EP, visually demonstrating the key emotions and moments from the six-track collection, following Payne along her transformation.

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