Scott Xylo Shares Debut Album, ‘Analogue Eyes, With Digital Minds’

Scott Xylo has delivered his debut album, Analogue Eyes, With Digital Minds. The producer of Leicester pieces together an assortment of delicate melodies to create a smokey atmosphere, filled with funky grooves and late night vibes. Enlisting talent from the likes of Low LeafSueLily, and Bastien Keb, Xylo combines a wide range of eclectic sounds for an overall smooth listen.

Xylo also shared a few words about the album:

“The album is inspired by ’60s psychedelic rock and garage rock like Jefferson Airplane, Cream and Jimi Hendrix, but also fused in with elements of jazz, soul and funk to create the perfect psychedelic soul blend. I really wanted to make a psychedelic album that would feel like it a weird lost demo from the ’60s because I like weird and cool gems in record stores ,especially old rare black hippie music. You can call it a collab album between me and Johnny 5ive.”

Stream and download Analogue Eyes, With Digital Minds below.