Sia Shares New Single & Releases Emotional Set of Visuals

Well into the preparations for her upcoming tour, Sia has released a new single featuring a unique set of visuals and a lively verse from Kendrick Lamar. The song, titled “The Greatest,” typifies the Australian singer; she rides the instrumental effortlessly, putting her vocal range and lyrical ability on full display before handing the mic off to Kendrick Lamar. The instrumental shifts slightly to complement Lamar’s style, who delivers a quick but remarkable verse in a way only Kendrick can. Sia then returns to conclude the song with her “Don’t give up…I got stamina” refrain.

The collaboration is without a doubt a noteworthy addition to her already impressive collection of hits. Sia cements this song as one her more memorable with the visuals she released to accompany it. The video omits the Kendrick verse and instead adds talented dancer Maddie Ziegler, who leads a group of 49 young dancers in what appears to be an incredibly emotional tribute to the Pulse Night Club shooting. While Sia has yet to confirm this, her previous tributes to the tragedy speak volumes towards the likelihood of the video’s meaning. The visuals for “The Greatest” massively intensify the significance of its lyrics, and add a whole new dimension to the song. Watch the video below and stream the Kendrick version on Spotify.