ESTA. Gets Invited to Mass Appeal’s ‘Rhythm Roulette’

Mass Appeal, a music, art, and style magazine that started out as a graffiti zine in the ’90s, invites their favorite producers for their Youtube series, Rhythm Roulette. The series blindfolds producers in local record stores and three records are blindly chosen. The featured producer then samples all three records and makes a beat out of their favorite one(s). Viewers get to witness skillful production and see seemingly outdated songs become tracks that can be played at any club today.

In Mass Appeal’s latest episode, ESTA. shares a quick snippet of how he makes his beats. ESTA. is a smooth and sultry music producer with Soulection, a global music collective that features a community of talented musicians. Right when ESTA. gets in the studio, he shows us his focus on production and confidence in his musical decisions. And as he works at a baffling pace, we watch a flawless track created in minutes. Check the video below to watch ESTA. work his magic and check the other Rhythm Roulette videos to see a wide array of production styles.