DΞΔN & Ta-Ku Infatuate With “Bonnie & Clyde” Remix

Admittedly, I tend to stay away from Korean music. Aside from the occasional Keith Ape banger, I don’t venture that deep into the Korean music scene for fear of being caught up in the whole K-pop environment. However, DΞΔN, along with content creators and presenters 88rising are giving me reason to rethink my approach.

The South Korean singer’s original version of “Bonnie & Clyde” gives a contemporary, trapped out approach to love, invoking the couple slow dancing intimately in the corner of the club, oblivious to the chaos and discord around them. Ta-Ku, currently on tour, takes the track and invokes a different version of love. Compared to the club, this is the day after, where the same couple wakes up on Sunday morning and spends the day wrapped in each other’s arms, ignoring the calls and responsibilities of the world outside.

The visuals from Lilymaymac don’t hurt either.

Check out the remix below and make sure to follow 88 Rising for more quality content.