Banks The Genius Shares ‘DON’T TWEAK!’ EP

Banks the Genius is one of many rising talents hailing from the Windy City. Following his numbers project and “Put Me In Coach,” the Chicago artist has returned with his DON’T TWEAK EP. The three-track offering demonstrates his various talents on the mic and the boards, with vocals, production, and engineering handled top-to-bottom by Banks. His drive and motivation to outdo himself with each release permeates throughout as he delivers swift, introspective verses. Topped off with inspiring interludes between tracks, Banks crafts a unique blend of melodies that culminate in an overall smooth listen.

Banks also shared a few words about the project and his growth via email:

“DON’T TWEAK is a message to myself and to anyone else who comes across it. Too often, as artists and humans, we find ourselves crippled by self-doubt and inhibitions. Lacking perspective on how far we’ve come, we tend to dwell on how far we have to go. When I first started my pursuit as an artist, I was just a rapper, but over time I developed new skill sets and have been blessed enough to become so much more. This project is a testament to my own progression, as well as the progression of those who are passionate and dedicated to their crafts.  DON’T TWEAK on yourself… DON’T TWEAK on your dreams… just keep pushing and DON’T TWEAK!”

Stream DON’T TWEAK below.

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