Artist Interview: Ness Nite Speaks On Her Debut ‘Nite Time’ EP

[Cover image shot by Jazmayne Lynn]

Ness Nite has been steady at work these past few years honing her craft. With a handful of tracks under her belt, the rapper, singer, and producer hybrid has unveiled her debut EP, Nite Time. Ness weaves between infectious hooks and verses throughout each track, floating over hazy production with ease. The project also draws talent from Mike Frey, who co-produced the EP alongside Ness.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ness on her debut, inspirations, and plans for the future:

Ness Nite // Photo by Tyus Maciel

Who is Ness Nite?

I’m 20. I’m tri-racial; black, Mexican, and white. I started making songs in my bedroom about 2 years ago when I moved to Minneapolis from Chicago, and slowly started putting music on SoundCloud and playing small shows.

What drew you to Minneapolis?

I moved to the Twin Cities in 2014 to go to college, but I’m not in school anymore. I’m just making music now.

You recently dropped your Nite Time EP—how did the project come together and what does it mean to you?

I was doing everything completely solo (production, recording, writing, etc) until this past March when I met my now co-producer Mike Frey at a show who also did the mixing and mastering on the Nite Time EP, which is actually my first complete body of work. The project title comes from the obvious reference to night time, but also Nite time, which to me is when I can completely be Ness Nite and say things into a microphone that I may not say otherwise. Nite time to me is sacred, where I am most connected with myself.

What inspires you?

I draw influence from tons artists such as Lorde, Willow Smith, Kid Cudi, SZA, and Abra just to name a few. The lyrics “braless, flawless, lawless” from my rap verse in “Yes” have become my mantra as an artist. My music has now taken on the genre of “braless” for lack of suitable options, but also because of the sense of release that I feel when I create it.

You also shared the visuals for “Yes” a while back—how did the video come together?

The “Yes” video was my first and I loved every second of the process. My whole team was determined to put together a magical interpretation of the song and we did just that. It’s definitely crucial to me to create with people who are 100% invested.

What’s next on the agenda?

Now I’m just making more music, playing shows, and working on shooting a video for “Lilith”. My interests go beyond music, so there will most likely be projects of other facets in the near future.

Any advice you have for the aspiring musicians, artists, and creatives out there?

I’d say figure out where it is that you want to be, figure out what you can do to get there, and take at least one step toward where you want to be every day.

Show some love for Nite Time on Bandcamp. If you’re in Minneapolis by chance, be sure to catch Ness’ album release party this Friday at First Avenue. Also, peep her live performance of “Sigh” below via Radio K.

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