Show Recap: Alex Wiley at Knitting Factory Brooklyn

[Written and photos by Patrick Duncan]

On August 4th, 2016, Chicago native Alex Wiley brought his self-dubbed “Lamborghini butter sauce flow” to Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory. Wiley’s set primarily featured songs from his most recent mixtape, Tangerine Dream, with the occasional fan favorite thrown in the mix.


Wiley opened his set with the high energy banger “Red Pill” and quickly went on to the smoother cuts like “Untitled 3” and “Games,” showing his versatility. Wiley took a quick break to move back to his DJ Burnin Giraph to play a some synths to set up his most popular song, “Vibrations.”


He continued on with his newer songs, playing “Fire” and “INEEDTHAT,” as the heavy echoed vocals carried the melodies the diverse artist layers onto his tracks. Before performing his closing song “Heaven’s Gate,” Wiley announced that he is currently trying to work out a tour with fellow Chicago artists Kembe X and Supa Bwe.


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