Raiza Biza & Bianca Paulus Connect For “Get By”

Back in 2014, Raiza Biza captured audiences with his latest album, The Imperfectionist. Since then, the New Zealand emcee has satisfied our sonic palate with a slew of singles, including “NADA” and “A Parallel.”

As the first sample of his upcoming EP, Raiza has returned with production from Crime Heat for “Get By.” He commands the mic with his piercing verses, alley-ooping Bianca Paulus for a silky smooth hook to tie the track together.

Rai also shared a few words about the track via email:

“‘Get By’ was the track that ended my writers block that lasted months. I’d been touring a lot after the release of my Imperfectionist album, and was really struggling to make good music after that. Myself and Bianca Paulus, who is on the hook, linked up for a studio session, and the song literally fell into place. So it’s a special track to me, and for me, it represents me making it past that transitional period. ‘Get By’ is about those of us who live paycheck to paycheck but try to make the best of what we have, with those close to us.”

Get familiar with Raiza and Bianca below, and stay tuned for more info on the EP.

Raiza Biza: Twitter // SoundCloud

Bianca Paulus: Twitter // SoundCloud


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