Sam Gellaitry Breaks Free In ‘Escapism II’

Almost a year since Sam Gellaitry dropped Escapism I, the master manipulator returns dropping four more all new tracks after premiering the first cut to Escapism II a month back. Gellaitry returns with his own signature sound: smooth synths paired with soft chimes intertwining to form complex melodies, gently easing their way into booming 808s. The project demonstrates his tremendous capacity to effortlessly transition between pure energy and a more toned-back, relaxed vibe.

Gellaitry’s first taste of Escapism II, “The Gateway,” provides a perfect introduction to his sound, as he exhibits his ability in creating the perfect duality of simplicity and complexity, while songs like ‘Jacket Weather’ prove his capability to retain his signature sound while expressing a more tranquil vibe.

Listen to Escapsim II below.


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