Jaro Speaks On His Second EP Of The Year, ‘La Bleue’

“This project was a real learning experience for me. I’m really trying to experiment this year and see how far I’m able to expand my skills as a producer,” – Jaro

Back in April, Jaro delivered his first solo effort, La Rouge. His five-track offering enlists talent from around the Windy City, including his supergroup Beach Jesus, Cae Jones and Elias Abid. Alongside this stacked list of features, Jaro flips classics from Justin TimberlakeSisqo, and Ciara.

Following his recent Beach Jesus release, the Chicago beatsmith has returned with La Rouge‘s sequel, La Bleue. Jaro delves into his life with a roller-coaster of a relationship, using each of the four cuts to build a sonic snapshot of his experiences. With several returning features, as well as appearances from Qari and Luke Olson of The Walters, he continues to solidify his prowess as he develops his production repertoire.

Press play on La Bleue below and continue reading after the jump.

“I’m inspired everyday by people in my life. I’m inspired by the complacency I see in a lot of people. It’s hard for me to imagine what some people do on their own time, when they’re not focused on school or work. I only know that I never want to waste this one life that was given to me.”

Jaro sets the tone with an intimate, introspective cut, “Low Lights.” Echoing strums and a wide collection of percussion lay the foundation for Cae and Chandy to explore their bouts with love and muses. Coupled with Cae’s infectious hook detailing their apathy towards haters and determination to reach their prime, the team reels in listeners with ease.

Segueing into “Complicated,” Jaro continues his stream of eclectic sounds over a delicate piano melody. Jommis channels his afflictions with a mantra-esque chorus, setting up Aura for a smooth verse. We’ve all been there, for better or worse, struggling to be straightforward and upfront with the ones we care about the most.

“It’s complicated. Our existence seems so insignificant compared to the history of time. I don’t want people to forget about me when I’m gone. Creating art that’ll last forever? That’s the closest thing to immortality in my mind. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy. Maybe she was right. Maybe I am the bad guy.”

Of the four tracks, “Bad Guy” is particularly special, as it reunites two members of Supreme Regime, Qari and Jommis. The two explore the stagnancy and complacency that often arrives in the packaged bundle of love and relationships. Qari’s poetic rhymes and Jommis’ singing/rapping hybrid complement Jaro’s chill atmosphere, topped off with smooth organ riffs.

To seal the deal, Jaro teams with Elias on production for “Window Pain,” exchanging gentle guitar plucks and piano quips. Luke’s voice glides seamlessly over the beautiful soundscape, gradually introducing a series of quivering synths. Referring to the cinematic closer, Jaro states, “We live and we love and we eventually learn that sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to let go.”

Jaro: Twitter // SoundCloud

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