Ty Safari Of BreezePark Drops New “Trappin’ Ode”

BreezePark is one of the most promising groups in the game right now. The hip-hop quartet sparked many conversations with their Strangers debut, and has kept the heat coming with a slew of solo releases throughout the year. Following his previous cut “Loosie” with Captain KreepTy Safari has unveiled “Trappin’ Ode.” Produced by Mechas, Safari strings together an infectious hook with a few slick verses.

Safari also shared a few words about the track, who to watch out for, and BreezePark via email:

How did “Trappin’ Ode” come together?

Long story short, she was this girl I was friends with benefits with for a while. We stopped coming around to each other round 2nd semester because I picked up a girlfriend that I truly fuck with. I’m not no kind of guy to play girls, especially the types of girls that dont deserve some low shit like that. Dalicia was cool though—I have nothing against Dalicia—she was just mad funny to me because she was so serious. I wrote this song in the midst of our encounter days and I never recorded it because I just thought it was funny. Five months later I decided I’ma just drop that song and see how niggas react to this type of new Safari—niggas never seen this kind of music side of me.

Who’s next up from VA?

DAZE and Tradey are the next niggas y’all gotta look out for man. They both have two different rap styles, but there two young talented ass niggas that are both my closest homies. So far as squad, BRZPRK, we’ve just been sittin’ on heat, making moves and creating new shit.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Music’s different now. It’s switching up so much, in a good way and in a bad way, because niggas can’t ever have they own shit. I respect the artists who have their own sound, it’s just wack that niggas always gotta come off the internet and bite a sound that ain’t even them. That has nothing to do with me at the end of the day, because Safari is here to be Safari and to give everybody good feeling with healing.

Ty Safari: Twitter // SoundCloud
BreezePark: Twitter // SoundCloud

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