Event Recap: Lucki Eck$ Stops By SOB’s

[Written and photos by Patrick Duncan]

On July 19, 20 year-old Chicagoan rapper Lucki Eck$ stopped at New York City’s historic venue Sounds of Brazil, often referred to as SOB’s. Their iconic slogan—“where legends are made”—has proven true with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Common and recent stars like Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti having performed at the venue. Prior to the show, Lucki came outside to hang out and smoke with fans, talking to everyone, taking pictures, and absorb the atmosphere of downtown Manhattan.


Lucki came out for his sound check and gave the fans who came early a quick preview of what his show was going to be like. Lucki quickly performed through some of his hits from the Freewave EP, which was released late last year with features from Carti and Chance the Rapper. “Y’all can say you saw Lucki open for Lucki and he the GOAT,” he joked as he walked off the stage.


Lucki came back out about 30 minutes later and began his set. As soon as he started to the moment he stopped, he had the whole crowd chanting every word right back to him. Lucki played crowd favorites “Freewave 9” and “Lowlife,” as well as his newest songs “BLOODBOY FREESTYLE” and “6th SENSE,” which the crowd was still screaming every word back to. Between songs, Lucki would joke around and have friendly banter with fans in the crowd, continuing to solidify how personable and charismatic the young rapper is.


“Fuck Donald Trump, Bossyy for president, Freewave the White House!” Lucki proclaimed after the show as he smokes and talks to his fans outside of the venue. Between pictures and inhales of his blunt, he was answering questions from fans, stating how he’s quit taking Xanax and hates looking back at when he was.


“When you’re 17 years old and people fucking with you, talking bars is all fun and games, but nigga is 20 now—shit is real now. Back when I was doing all that shit, I wasn’t working. X is the worst fucking mixtape ever, bro! Like that shit is trash!” – Lucki Eck$


“I don’t get niggas that don’t hang out with their fans. These kids paid money and travelled to come see you and niggas don’t want to talk to them and hang out—I don’t get that shit,” Eck$ states after the show as he had a swarm of kids surrounding him outside of the venue, next to a subway station.

At first impression, it would be hard to picture a man with the appearance of Lucki to be as friendly, genuine and personable as he is. The joy he had when spending time with his fans was palpable. He’s developing a ton of buzz this early in his career and certainly has a bright future ahead of him.

lucki 2

Check out the full set of photos here, and follow Patrick on Twitter and Instagram.


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