SABRE Drops Off A Pair Of New Tracks, “Love” & “Time”

SABRE fell in love with the pen at a young age after stopping by her uncle’s recording studio in Toronto, captivated by the potential to resonate with souls she had never met before. Ever since, the Los Angeles-based artist has kept her notebooks always within arm’s reach, racing to capture the constant string of ideas and melodies running through her mind.

Following her recent track “Soul.Less,” SABRE has returned to bless us with two new songs produced by Mark Shannon. “Love” sets the scene with soft piano melodies, while “Time” focuses more on crisp percussion and strings. Both serve as a perfect introduction to SABRE as she continues to hone her craft and delivers a remarkable, distinctive soul to each track with her powerful croons.

She also shared a few words via email on her new tunes and her relationship with music:

“Love and Time are two songs produced in Toronto, Canada. I decided to put them out before my hiatus from the States. I have a tendency to hold my songs for a very long time, making sure it’s presented exactly how I envision it, and the timing is right in my life. Songs are my version of having kids but eventually, I get to a point where I have to let them go. It felt powerful to put the songs out and know that I’ve grown a lot as a person since the individual stories. I’m transparent in my lyrics because it’s how I process my life events.  My sound is expanding and these songs remind me that it’s very early in the game. There’s a lot more in the works.”

Get familiar with SABRE below.

SABRE: Twitter // SoundCloud

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