Stream Siri’s New EP, ‘GLOE’

After getting us hyped with her recent track, “Elevate,” Siri has returned to drop off her latest EP, GLOE: G.ive L.ove O.ver E.verything. Siri’s five-track offering pairs her cosmic vocals with echoing pads, synths, and percussion. Tapping production from DephkhanMultirexBlack Excellence and Wizzo Mack, the Oakland artist smoothly weaves between singing and rapping as she continues to rise with each release.

Siri also shared some words on her GLOE EP:

“It’s a whole bunch of songs that I feel showcase my personality and abilities. I had a lot of fun making this project and it has truly been a beautiful experience. I wanted to make music people could vibe to and feel which is why I went with a chiller selection.”

Siri: Twitter // SoundCloud


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