Rexx Life Raj // ‘Father Figure’ (Album Stream)

Claiming the Bay Area has had a strong year so far would be a mild understatement; with Elujay, Caleborate, and more keeping the momentum going, there’s no shortage of talent. Currently at the forefront is Berkeley’s Rexx Life Raj, who officially unveiled his long-awaited Father Figure album today. Raj’s latest project is the perfect combo of honesty, slaps, and suave melodies, joining previous singles like “On Ice” and “Handheld GPS” with punchy tracks “The Plug” and “OJW3.” Raj bobs and weaves between suave verses and bursts of aggression, complemented by guest appearances from YMTKChristian Crow, and Nef the Pharaoh, and production from Ian McKeeJULiA LEWiS, and Mikos Da Gawd.

Stream Father Figure below and grab your copy via iTunes. Also, check out the recap from his release party last week.

Rexx Life Raj: Twitter // SoundCloud

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