Childish Gambino Will Debut His New Album In September

Donald Glover, often known by his stage name Childish Gambino, is a creative of many ventures. Channeling his inner Kanye, whom he often references as his father throughout his music (see “Sweatpants”), Glover has continued to push boundaries of the industry as an actor, writer, rapper, singer, producer hybrid. Back in 2013, Glover delivered a full package with Because the Internet, pairing the album with a short film and app to match, followed by his STN MTN / Kauai combo. Gambino has since remained fairly quiet in the music scene as he preps his upcoming Atlanta series.

Earlier last week, Glover made his return to social media, ditching his stoic red avatar for an ominous icon striking anticipation in die-hard fans and skeptics alike. Directing the newfound curiousness with a single tweet to his PHAROS app, we were greeted by a rapid countdown.

Many antsy palms later, countdown subsided, Gambino used the app to announce a series of September shows, during which he will reveal his long-awaited album. Not much has been said about the upcoming Joshua Tree debut, though a handful of grayed-out nodes on the app suggests this isn’t the only run.

Pre-sale goes live on June 24 at 9AM PST, with general sale following on June 27.


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