While We Play, Dave B. Grows on “Worth It”

Dave B. boasts a green thumb in his new visual treatment for “Worth It” off last year’s Punch Drunk EP.

The video is set in a loft overlooking the Los Angeles metropolitan skyline, littered with various forms of plant life mimicking the cover art of his aforementioned EP. While his acquaintances turn bottoms up and toast each other, Dave remains on the balcony, gazing down upon the city while tending to his viridescent companions. Although the real meaning can be interpreted a number of ways, there’s certainty to the notion that this video carries more than meets the eye.

Do your best to decipher the metaphor-laiden video for “Worth It” below.

Let us know what you think Dave B. is trying to tell us. And shouts out to both Warsame Warsame and Samuel J. Roberts on the directing.

This is the latest music video from the Seattle wordsmith since his treatment for Punch Drunk EP standout “Leaves”, also directed by Warsame.

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