Stream Khary’s New Mixtape, ‘intern aquarium.’

[Art by Angela Estelle]

Ever since I discovered Khary‘s music back in January when he opened for Masego, I’ve been hooked; rocking a bright yellow rain coat and black hat, he brought an unmistakeable energy to the crowd. I quickly found myself having his Love + Anchors and Swim Team EP on repeat. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more excited to have more music from the Rhode Island artist.

Grabbing the attention of the Internet with lead singles “Find Me” and “2AM Thirst Ballad,” Khary’s intern aquarium. is a 16-track adventure draped with his zeal for wordplay, pop culture references galore, and uncut honesty. Khary details his life as a dream chaser who knows the struggles of working retail and internships, a story many of us can relate to. With wavy production from the likes of swellSimen Sez, and Lege Kale, Captain Yellow Coat continues to rise with another great project under his belt.

Dive into intern aquarium. below and check out the premiere via Pigeons & Planes.

Khary: Twitter // SoundCloud

Angela Estelle: Twitter // Instagram


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