Cash Campain taps Khyenci Tienne for “Room to Roam”

“I wanted to have a song on my album that highlighted the Bryson Tiller effect that a lot of people are dealing with when it comes to love; it’s all about benefits and no commitments nowadays,” – Cash Campain

With each release, Cash Campain continues to evolve his classic R&B sound. The sensual roller-coaster “Room to Roam” quickly sets the scene for his latest album, Michael in ’79, as Cash exchanges sultry croons with fellow singer-songwriter Khyenci Tienne.

“She’s one of the most creative people I’ve ever met,” Cash adds. The Bay Area duo channels an infectious energy over echoing production, culminating in a repeat-worthy track.

“When we got into the studio together, the chemistry was amazing honestly—musically we were on the same page, just vibing and working off each other’s contributions to the song,” Khyenci tells me. “R&B songs with a great artist chemistry have such a soft place in my creative heart, and I think ‘Room to Roam’ is just that.”

With another great collaboration under their belts, Cash and Khyenci are two artists you definitely want to keep your eyes on.

Indulge in their smooth cut below, and check out the rest of Michael in ’79 here.

Cash Campain: Twitter // SoundCloud

Khyenci Tienne: Twitter // SoundCloud

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