Jay Kurzweil ft. Mani Coolin’, Big Gipp, League & D. Cope // “Jam”

Jay Kurzweil has released his latest effort “Jam,” featuring guest verses from Mani Coolin’, Big Gipp, League, and D. Cope, via his SoundCloud page.

The Los Angeles instrumentalist laces the beat with a mix of throwback 808s and keys with House drum patterns, crafting a sonic energy fit for any house party or dance club, with Mani, Gipp, League, and Cope laying down a verse a-piece sticking to the essence of a weekend night out on a club run.

Cut-a-rug below.

This is the first time we’ve heard from Kurzweil since he teamed up with Mike Almighty to lace up Mani Coolin’s “Gambling” featuring Correy C and Dreaded Cas.

Jay continues to showcase his range as a producer, so here’s to more boundary pushing from Mr. Kurzweil.

<< via SectionEighty >>

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