Amina El Kabbany // “Stream of Consciousness” (Visuals)

“I promise my intentions are pure: I want to add some beauty to this world if I can, and hopefully move others to take a second look around.” – Amina El Kabbany

Amina El Kabbany, also known as the Caffeinist, has unveiled a short film titled “Stream of Consciousness.” As a taste of her upcoming series of the same name, her first visuals of 2016 elegantly juxtapose elements around San Francisco—the city she has called home for the past two years—with a few pieces of San Diego and Berkeley. While overlaying everything from scattered clouds and smooth waves, to macaroons and tree-climbing adventures, Amina also interweaves footage of rising lanterns from her recent trip to a mosque in Cairo. The rapid blending of sceneries showcases how our minds are ultimately capable of finding balance, despite the hectic relationships of our thoughts.

The brief-and-sweet video is accompanied by Tulpa‘s “Carried Away” that likewise mirrors this roller-coaster of emotions we face on a daily basis.

Peep “Stream of Consciousness” below, and in case you missed it, make sure you also catch her seductive visuals for Bryson Tiller‘s “Don’t.”

Amina El Kabbany: Twitter // Instagram // Website

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