Noah Sims + Beach Jesus & Hurt Everybody // “Hawaii” (Stream)

Early Monday morning the world was blessed with another Chicago-filled collaboration titled “Hawaii,” the second single off Testament, an upcoming project slated to be released later this fall by Chi-Town producer Noah Sims. Sims’ production resumé extends throughout Chicago, from MC Tree to Taylor Bennett, brother of Chance the Rapper.

For his latest track, Sims garnered a serious line-up from around his city, bringing the multi-talented collectives Beach Jesus and Hurt Everybody along for the ride. Sims teamed-up with Beach Jesus’ composers JAROFMY and SEER to produce a wavy instrumental that channels a balance between tranquility and short bursts of energy. On the vocals are the two remaining Beach Jesus members, Chando and Jommis, as well as two-thirds of Hurt Everybody, Carl and Supa Bwe. Between Chando’s reflective, syncopated raps and Supa’s piercing croons to Carl and Jommis’ hypnotic verses, this one is full of repeat-worthy vibes.

The artwork was created by none other than Abel Gray, a genre-bending musician and equally talented artist who has commissioned several pieces in the past for Hurt Everybody.

Check out the track below and stay tuned for more information on Testament.

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