Take A Sonic Trip With Turk’s ‘Dear Neptune’ (Album Stream)

San Francisco’s Turk just dropped his debut project titled Dear Neptune, a futuristic, echo-filled adventure laced with his sultry vocal work and surges of equally emotional verses. Guest appearances range from around the Bay and include Sir Wolliz, fellow vocalist Christian Crow, as well as self-proclaimed TBKTR and onstage “Jumpman” enthusiast Caleborate (see here for the latter). After my first run, my favorite tracks would have to be “Tiffany Blue” and “Rhubarb Jazz,” just two of the nine vibe-filled cuts. Nearly a year in the making, the cohesive project, executively produced by Ian McKee, showcases Turk’s powerful harmony between poetic singing and smooth raps, ultimately establishing a solid foundation for his bright future in the industry.

To music listeners everywhere, never be afraid to learn more about everyone involved in bringing your favorite songs to life! Whether it be the producers, the person you don’t recognize on the hook/chorus, a guest verse, you never know what you may find. I discovered Turk via Caleborate’s Hella Good (which McKee also helped bring to life) from late last month; he was one of the few artists to be featured on the album. By capitalizing on curiosity, I was fortunate enough to discover a series of talented musicians—Turk is no exception.

Stream the project below and cop the project via his Bandcamp. Stay posted with the latest from Turk on Twitter.

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