Hurt Everybody & Alex Wiley | “Thanos (Dr. Evil)” (Stream)

Chicago powerhouse Hurt Everybody continues their Internet takeover with their newest track, “Thanos (Dr. Evil).” The latest cut from the DIY experts features eerie production from the most recent addition to the trio, Mulatto, and is the first single off their upcoming Magic City 2 EP, set to drop on October 4th. The track also showcases Supa Bwe belting passionate lines about his magic, colosseum, and mausoleum, fellow Chicago MC Alex Wiley offering his hypnotic vocals and Carl with his buttery cosmic flow.

In case you haven’t caught on to what this whole concept of “magic” represents in the eyes of Hurt Everybody, Supa broke it down for us in a recent tweet:

[tweet 631129368048201729 align=’center’]

Hurt Everybody has music for every mood– whether you wanna turn up with your homies (see “Social Network (Gang)“) or just kick back and relax (“Before the War“), there’s something for everyone. Above all, you definitely don’t want to sleep on these Chicago wave-makers, especially with a tour rumored to be in the works.

If you’re on the search for more, be sure to check out their debut mixtape 2K47 and download the rest of their discography of 101 songs, all for free at


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