Kyle Launches the First Wave

Kyle of the Super Duper collective, as of late taking on the moniker “KING WAVY”, dropped three new tracks this morning. Hailing from Ventura, CA, Kyle has been soaring to fame as he wraps up his first headlining KING WAVY tour across the states. Unafraid to embrace his imperfections, Kyle is all about staying optimistic. His most recent project, Beautiful Losermaintains this thread alongside refreshing references, from “Fruit Snacks & Cups of Patron” to my personal favorite, “Sex & Super Smash Bros.” (you can check out the full project here). Since the days of Beautiful Loser, Kyle has teamed up with G-Eazy and Watsky on their corresponding tours, partied with IAMSU! on “It’s Lit” and made several surprise appearances with the Bay Area’s front-woman Kehlani.

The first track, “KING WAVY,” features the Bay Area’s own G-Eazy and lets Kyle set the tone for his new alias. I can easily imagine this song sliding into DJ sets everywhere. The hook will have fans chanting “WAVY” and speeding down the freeway with the windows down and AUX cord plugged in. If you’re familiar with Kyle, don’t think he’s abandoned his sultry vocals. “iThoughtWeWereNiggas” slows down the pace, venting with a list of regrets, betrayals and struggles with a supposed friend. Don’t cut KING WAVY short, he’s not afraid to (implicitly) call you out! Finally, Kyle delivers the love song anthem of the summer, “Angel” with help from Buddy. The way the verses are structured give the feeling that Kyle is actually talking to the girl(s) this song is directed towards. Enjoy this hit below.

The first hip-hop concert I ever attended was headlined by Kyle himself, one of the main factors that catalyzed my interest in becoming a musician and learning what it takes to put on a great show. When I met him after the show, I discovered he is one of the most bright artists out there both on and off-stage.

Kyle: Twitter // SoundCloud // Website

[Image From Jonathan Mannion]

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