Hurt Everybody // Drowning Out the Competition

This past weekend, the Windy City’s own Hurt Everybody released their first official mixtape titled 2K47. Don’t let the title fool you; these talented individuals are no stranger to the game. Alongside their debut, the collective has made their entire discography thus far of over one hundred songs free to download. The three members of the group, Carl (center), Supa Bwe (left), and newest addition Mulatto Beats (right) are taking the DIY approach of hip-hop to an entirely new level. The group has spent the last year leading up to their debut mixtape delivering a steady stream of tracks to their growing audience, building a solid foundation while finding their voices.

The follow-up to their self-titled Hurt Everybody EP houses production from each, marinated with passion and topped-off with guest appearances from local veterans including Mick JenkinsAlex WileySaba, and Twista. The group produces a juxtaposition of soothing vocals (see “Low Light” and “Stay Awake“) alongside authentically aggressive verses bolstered by the occasional in-your-face one-liners (see “2K47”).

An easily overlooked feature can be found on the third track, “Summer Kings”, a mellow collaborative effort with Abel Gray. Gray’s connection with Hurt Everybody extends to the visual arts; the Birmingham musician/painter hybrid is responsible for creating the cover art for 2K47, as well as commissions for several individual tracks from the project.

What ultimately sets Hurt Everybody apart from the crowd in a sea of rising Chicago talent is their ability to mesh their three individual styles. I never thought relaxed hooks and verses could so seamlessly be accompanied by almost screamo/punk-rock style delivery. Simply put: it just works. Manifesting their ideas while maintaining complete creative control is rare in today’s sea of aspiring musicians. Above all, Hurt Everybody remains an immense sonic force that has only begun to scratch the surface of their journey. If you’re in the Chicago area, make sure to come through to one of their upcoming shows here. If you aren’t, keep your eyes peeled for the 2K47 tour to be announced soon!

Stream 2K47 below and download the project, as well as their entire discography, free at

[Image Courtesy of Rap Genius]


3 thoughts on “Hurt Everybody // Drowning Out the Competition

  1. Very nice and well-written blog, Andy. Honestly, I was never a big fan of hip-hop. I always thought it was for a whole bunch of wanna-be rappers who only rapped about drugs and sex. I was wrong. There are so many talented hip-hop artist out there with very unique styles to their music that became an eye-opening for me. I still love G-Eazy and Dumbfoundead very much!


    1. Lynn–
      Thank you for your kind words! Hip-hop/rap often gets a bad rep because of what you hear on the radio. While it does have its fair share, there is definitely much more to be found out there as you mentioned. Even so, there is a time a place for everything as the saying goes. Glad you enjoyed the post, hope you’ll stay tuned! I’m sure G-Eazy and Dumbfoundead will find there way onto the site soon!


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